About Me

My name is Samuel.

Weight Training and Quotes are my passion.

I have been weight training since I have been 14. Since then I have been lifting like crazy, reading fitness related books like a madman, and trying every fitness fad out there, and I will do this until I cant any more.

“There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do the deadlift!” –┬áJon Pall Sigmarsson

This site is the result off all the information I have absorbed during this whirlwind craze of mine, to document and experiment with every new bit of science or fad out there, and to help people with all the information they need about weight training. I hope to build a community with other weight lifting freaks, so we can push each other to succeed.

“We’re all gonna to make it brah” -Zyzz

Since I will literally try anything for a nugget of wisdom and more gains, drop me an email with any questions or of any little known fad or science that needs testing and I will go experimental on its ass.

Email me at info@weighttrainingdudes.com

“If there’s anything you need, All you have to do is say” – Rick Astley