Your Guide to Body Weight Training

Positives of Body Weight Training.

Lets cut to the chase, here is what you have to gain from body weight training:

  • It is an excellent option if you do not have access to equipment or you want to save cash on a gym membership. With a lot of these exercises require minimal equipment, with most of them requiring non at all, making it super cheap.
  • Progression on body weight exercises can be matched to each individual. This is often overlooked when body weight training is talked about. So whether you are a raging gym monkey or a total newbie, you can benefit from body weight training.
  • Increases your body’s structural integrity and core strength. Body weight exercises involve using multiple muscle groups in conjunction with each other. The effect of this will be a strong core and a body with high functional strength which works well in unison.
  • Improves balance and flexibility. 
  • It’s Safer. One of the benefits of not lugging around massive plates and bars is less injuries. May not be the coolest pro, but still worth keeping in mind.

Negatives of Body Weight Training.

  • Difficult to achieve max intensity. No matter what position you are in the maximum weight you are going to be lifting is your own body weight (duuhhh). This makes it a problem if you want to achieve the intensity of your one rep max. Resistance can be increased with the use of a weighted vest, kettle bell, or barbell, but this defeats the purpose.

The Routine.

There are thousands of different body weight exercises and millions of different routines online. Many terrible ones. So instead of making one up, I am going to give you my favorite one. I have done this for a year, with excellent results. I believe that this routine is as viable for building strength as a barbell routine. So here it is!

Body Weight Training