Dispelling The Big Myth Surrounding Running & Weight Lifting

There is a prevailing myth that you cannot incorporate running & weight lifting into the same routing and still build muscle. So I hope in this article I can clear up some of the myths about cardio and gains. This article will leave you with the information you need to know to make the decision whether cardio is the correct path to take.

What are the benefits of cardio?

One thing is clear though, cardio is beneficial for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, cardio is a must-do. Here are some of the benefits of cardio:

Leads to a healthy heart. 

Promotes brain growth.

Prevents stress.

Promotes focus.

Interrupts anxiety.

Regulates depression.

Aerobics can enhance your recovery from weight training by promoting blood flow and oxygen transport to your muscles.

Why choose running?

Here is running is the best cardio.

You don’t have to be inside the gym. There is nothing like the fresh air blowing against your face whilst giving it your all. It could give you a chance to explore new places and revisit cool parts of your city/town/countryside.

Running does not require any expensive equipment. Just buy a pair of running shoes and go for it.

Can be preformed at any intensity. You can run, you can sprint, you can go for 10 minutes, you can run for an hour. No matter what your fitness level you are at you can always run. Even if you feel like switching it up halfway through jog to a blistering sprint, you have that option. You can always go faster, go longer. Once you can appreciate the great variety in running, you will never get bored.

Running out performs walking, cycling and other aerobic exercises when it comes to lengthening life.

Promotes metal toughness. Picture this. You are 30 mins into a run. Grey sky’s are over head. Feet pounding rhythmically on the pavement below. Strong wind is blowing directly in your face. Your body is in pain. Then suddenly cold heavy rain starts pouring down from above. Your mind and body are both telling you to give up, that you’ve done good enough you can just walk home, its not that far. The suddenly you hear a voice from within, “keep going, be strong.” Do you think listening to this voice will build your mental strength? F*ck yeah it will.  Once you have felt and pushed through the pain of a grueling run, you will come out of that knowing deep down you can achieve anything life throws at you.

When should I run?



There are three options on when to do your cardio

Does Running & Weight Lifting make you lose your gains?

Yes and No. You can lose muscle while running and you can also gain muscle. Building mass requires energy and running could potentially use that energy, so it all comes down to diet. Eat enough calories and protein and you can still build muscle while running & weight lifting. Eating more is a small price to pay for a longer  and happier life, don’t you agree?

So how do you take practical steps to incorporate running into your routine in a productive way?

Run 2-3 times a week and keep it to a maximum of 45 minutes, any more and you are more likely in burn the cals needed to make some gains.

Natural muscle loss is during sleep, so a morning run will more likely lead to the loss of muscle.

Eat more. Find your Total Daily Energy Expenditure here. If you wish to learn more about diet check out the Ultimate Weight Training Diet 101.

Running & Weight Lifting